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Anti-Semitism - A problem of Public International Law

Nasty Marian Vladoiu




In the diachronicity of the phenomenon at international level, anti-Semitism has undergone real paradigm metamorphoses, being able to talk today about a concept with a variable geometry. One can discern between the old type anti-Semitism and the one of the new types, each of the two types having in common the unjustified hatred against the Jews but nevertheless a different basic motivation.

Relevant and worrying, at the same time, is the degree of virulence of the forms of expression both in the real (physical) environment and in the virtual environment, where there is an alarming increase in the intensity of the phenomenon. If in the real environment, in the sphere of physical reality, certain legislative solutions have been found that somewhat diminish and temper the galloping evolution of anti-Semitism on a global level, then things are not the same in terms of legislative solutions for the virtual environment.

In order to make the methods of counteracting the anti-Semitism more efficient, both at national and international level, experts from different fields of activity are trying to identify the best solutions. We join the efforts of the significant majority by trying to configure and bring to public awareness a new academic discipline, namely, Jewishology. We believe that this new discipline will create the real possibility of modern structural configuration of some ways and means made to facilitate the uselessness of new type anti-Semitism. These means and methods can be used without fear of error, in the service of the concept of diplomacy of Jewishology, which we consider a real tool for the prevention of anti-Semitism.