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Cultural rights: new era, old principles, same challenges?

Andrei Nicolae

The way events rapidly develop nowadays today on the international scene comes to our attention through various media sources and at one moment could have led us Europeans think that after centuries of attempts, transformations and assiduous researches people had, at one point, finally discovered the ideal form of government that would bring stability and the harmonious development of any community. But this dream seems to have crumbled with the transition to the information society. However, rapid digitalization, economic crises, migrant waves, hybrid wars, climate problems, the precariousness of classical resources and health hazards have once again raised the issue of building proper statal structures capable of guaranteeing fundamental civil rights and freedoms. In this article, we will address the issue of the principles of cultural rights that are at the forefront of the nowadays debate on the changes and reforms that national public administrations are called upon to implement in order to meet the needs of future generations.