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Fire prevention requirements for office buildings and shopping centres in Romania

Alexandru ROMAN



A large, crowded shopping centre or a lively office building represents a significant potential for loss of life in case of a fire event.
The highest standards of management and maintenance must therefore be observed in order to ensure that risks are anticipated and the best possible systems for personal safety and property protection are deployed.1 The ubiquitous nature of the shopping mall has changed our buying habits forever, making customers more accustomed to shop under one convenient roof, which also has implications for re-examining fire safety from all angles.
Often, the one common element in multi-fatality fires is the failure of the occupants to take the right action when fire breaks out or when an alarm is raised. By respecting imperative norms, the owners of shopping malls or office buildings could not only save countless lives if disaster strikes, but may also ensure no legal consequences for themselves, since adequate fire management measures were undertaken and implemented. The legal consequences of disregarding the imperative norms are extremely severe, ranging from huge fines to even criminal charges.