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The role of conflict management in combating the social effects of the pandemic. Identification, neutralization, solution

Claudiu Florinel Augustin Ignat

In exceptional situations, especially in the context of the health crisis generated by the Covid -19 pandemic, conflict management comes to identify, neutralize, smooth and resolve the medium and long term effects generated by social disputes between both the state and the community, as well as within the community, more precisely between its members. We must not neglect the social effects, but also those of a psychological nature, which are born or were born during and after the pandemic crisis. The obvious consequences of this crisis and its impact on society are missing the top of the iceberg, leaving time to reveal the full effects on civil society, but also on the citizen. Major changes in society, at structural or systemic level are already obvious and irreparable. The normal is redefined and the possible return to this normal is already a desideratum, a real Morgana girl.