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The suspension, prosecution and dismissal of the president of Romania and of other heads of state from European Union

Angelica Chirila

Ion Rusu

Minodora-Ioana Rusu-Balan

Varvara Licuta Coman



This study examines a critical view of a particularly sensitive topic and briefly discussed in the literature, namely: the responsibility of the President of Romania. Given the complexity of this theme, the research focuses on the severe analysis of the constitutional standards relating to political and legal responsibility of the Institution of the President of Romania in the light of serious violations of the Constitution. The analysis also seeks scientific interpretation of the legal phrases "grave acts” which violate the constitutional stipulations" and "high treason", by identifying specifically those actions that can be classified as "grave", and also those that can meet the elements of an act of "high treason".

The whole issue concerns the comparative analysis with the fundamental laws of some states with traditional democratic regimes. The analysis highlights the need for supplementing and amending some constitutional rules on the subject examined from the perspective of more accurate evaluation and of clear demarcation of Constitution violations, which can be interpreted as grave or others of high treason that can be imputed to the President.